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Welcome to the Fellowship!

The Fellowship of Recluse is a small family friendly guild which will be debuting in EverQuest Landmark and EverQuest Next. If you're interested to know more, please feel free to contact one of the Officers listed here.

In the beginning...
There is a story, told in hushed whispers in dimly lit inns...

On the border of a forest, near the foot of the mountains, lies a keep known only as Recluse. Stone walls and fortifications surround and protect those within. They claim no lordship over the land surrounding them, nor governorship of the village nearby. The keep acts simply as a home to the company within, a band of allies calling themselves the Fellowship... The Fellowship of Recluse.

From within their keep, the Fellowship ventures out to maintain the safety of their self-adopted homeland, ensuring every person within their charge is free to live as they wish, free of tyranny, free of fear, simply free.
These are the Halls of Recluse, and within you will find the Fellowship. These are our stories.
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